Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Mark 10:46-52
Main Verse: Mark 10:50
by Brian Phillips

Bartimaeus is sitting beside the road, begging.  Now, this was no street corner scam, as we so skeptically wonder when we see modern day beggars.  No, as a blind person, Bartimaeus had no opportunity for a normal life.  It was bad enough being blind, but he lived in a culture that neglected the disabled, at best, and at worst abused them (people with the horrible skin disease, leprosy, had to distance themselves from those who were healthy, or risk being stoned to death).

Yes, this was the only life he knew, and he had grown accustomed to it.  But, he didn’t like it.

He must have heard stories about Jesus, because when he heard He was nearby, Bartimaeus started shouting Jesus’ name.  He kept shouting, even when people told him to shut up.  He kept shouting because he’d do anything for a new life.

God desires that every person be saved (1 Timothy 2:4), but He requires something from us.  We must willingly approach Him and ask Him to change us.  And, that is exactly what Bartimaeus does.  When Jesus commands him to “come here,” Bartimaeus wastes no time, throws his coat behind him and races to Jesus.

Think of that.  His coat.  The thing that provided comfort when he was cold.  He recklessly throws it behind him, possibly never to find it again, as if he didn’t expect to need it anymore.

Bartimaeus traded in that which once provided his only comfort, for a new and better life following Jesus.

Food for Thought
Sometimes, even when life is miserable, we don’t budge because we don’t know any better.

I once had a job with great pay.  But, I was miserable.

I often worked long hours, under a lot of pressure.  But, it took my brother to wake me up.  He told me I was comfortable in my misery, because it was all I knew.  My fear of the unknown was keeping me from making a move.

He was right.  I quit my job, and took a new one that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I traded in my misery for a new and better life.

So What Now?
Are you miserable today?  Is there something, or someone, in your life you need to give up, but you’re afraid to because you don’t know what, or who, else might be out there?

God, give me courage to give up that which is making me miserable.  I willingly come to you today to trade in what I’ve grown comfortable with, for a new and better life following you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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