Jump In!

John 21:7-14
Main Verse: John 21:7
by Brian Phillips

These were confusing times for the followers of Christ.

Everything was going great, until a mob took Jesus away.  They beat him, tortured him, humiliated him by hanging him naked on a cross, entombed him and sealed it up so no one could mourn him.  They were dark times.

Then, Mary Magdalene comes up with some wild story that Jesus was alive.  When Peter went to investigate, he found an empty tomb, but no sign of Jesus.  Disappointed, he returns to the other disciples, hiding from the authorities.

Then, one evening, Jesus appears to Peter and the gang.  And, eight days later, Jesus shows up again, only to disappear once more.

What were they to make of it?  I’m sure Peter was pondering that question as he went back to the work that sustained him before he started following Jesus:  Fishing.  As he worked he was lost in thought, wondering if it had all been a dream.  Why was Jesus being so coy, showing up then disappearing before anyone could ask him the questions that burned in their hearts?

To add insult to injury, the fishing was bad that night.  As Peter pulled yet one more empty net on board, someone from shore started calling to them.  Reminiscent of an earlier time, the person on shore instructed these professionals where to find the fish.  John shouts, “It’s Jesus!” and Peter can’t contain himself.  He jumps in the water and swims to the one who can answer all his questions.

Food for Thought
What’s the most backward thing you’ve ever done?

Have you ever gotten dressed before you hopped in the shower?  Have you ever slurped down scrambled eggs before you cooked them?  Have you ever taken a test before you studied for it?  Oh, wait, you probably have.

Well, Peter did something almost as ludicrous as these.  Did you catch it?  In verse 7 it says he put on his tunic before jumping into the water!

Now why do you think he did that?  It wasn’t like a tunic was some sort of wet suit to keep him warm in the chilly waters of the sea.

Nope.  I think it was because he was in such a state of exhilaration, that the acceptable manner of covering yourself properly when addressing a dignitary overrode his good sense that he was in a boat.

Peter was so excited to see Jesus, he jumped in with everything he had on!

So What Now?
We should be so excited to meet with Jesus, that we would go to him with everything we have!

Lord, I’m not even able to love Jesus the way I should.  Please draw me closer to him.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


  1. Why do you think Peter was so excited to see Jesus?
  2. Why do you think John recognized Jesus before everyone else did?
  3. When was the last time you were excited to meet with Jesus?

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